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On February 4, 1999, a group of brothers met and discussed the possibility of chartering a chapter in Chesterfield County. This group, then known as the Greater Richmond Alumni Association of Alphas, petitioned the fraternity during the 94th General Convention in Dallas, TX. The brothers identified community groups to begin a partnership and initiated the formal application process for chartering a chapter with the general organization. During this time the group created a constitution and by-laws and began the initial framework for a fully functional chapter. Chapter officers were selected and formal meetings were held twice a month. Several community projects were formalized during this time. Some of them included South Richmond Adult Daycare Center, YMCA: Youth Mentoring Program, Voter Registration, and the Hospitality House.
During the summer of 2000, a group of brothers traveled to the “Millennium Convention”, in Atlanta, GA, where they received confirmation that the fraternity had approved their application for chartering. After receiving confirmation, the brothers returned to Virginia and began preparation on the chartering ceremony. On Wednesday May 9, 2001, Rho Iota Lambda Chapter held its chartering ceremony at First Baptist Church Centralia in Chesterfield County. Invited guest in attendance included the VACAPAF President, Ivar Browne, and other fraternal state officers, Chesterfield County School administration, Area Directors and Alumni and College Chapter Brothers and Community leaders. Twelve brothers were recognized as chartering members: Brothers Johnail Arrington, Sean Bates, Elbert Brinson, Hasani Carter, Benjamin Clay, Charles Harper, **Reginald Johnson, Damón Manning, Brandon Martin, Troy Norris, Immanuel Sutherland, and Charles Waddy.
During the spring of 2002, the brothers unanimously voted to name our scholarship after Paul Robeson, a gifted thespian, lawyer, athlete and activist. This essay and oratorical scholarship will be awarded annually to a gifted high school junior or senior. Currently, the brothers of Rho Iota Lambda Chapters are active members of the Chesterfield County community. Many of these brothers preside on several boards and committees throughout the Richmond Metropolitan Area. Since our inception, Rho Iota Lambda has continuously sought to foster partnerships with community agencies, businesses, churches and the private sector. We have successfully partnered with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Dominion Virginia Power, Phillip Morris, Chesterfield County Public Schools, Hospital Hospitality House, March of Dimes, Bone Marrow, Autism and other community and private entities to hold activities to raise money for our scholarship and national programs.
**Omega Chapter
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Bro. Eric Upthegrove, Sr.
Vice President
Bro. James Fuller
Corresponding Secretary
Communications Committee Chair
Bro. Matthew Jones
Recording Secretary
Bro. Charles Lee
Budget & Finance Committee Chair
Bro. Tyren Frazier
Financial Secretary
Bro. Willie Miles
Membership Intake Coordinator
Bro. Frederick Black, Jr.
Benevolence Committee Chair
Bro. William Jackson, Sr.
Bro. Darrell Dudley-Govan
Director of Educational Affairs
Bro. Royal Gurley, Jr.
Bro. Patrick Diggs
Associate Editor to the Sphinx
Constitution Committee Chair
Bro. Paul Jackson
Fundraising & Social Committee Chair
Bro. Carlton Jones
RIL Education Foundation Chair
Bro. Damón Manning
Reclamation Committee Chair
Bro. Michael Winborne
Immediate Past Chapter President
Bro. Elbert McKinnie
VACAPAF President
Bro. Sean Bates
VACAPAF Director of Professional Development & Fraternal Learning
Bro. Fred Scott
VACAPAF Area 6 Director
Bro. Elbert Brinson
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Anderson, Kevin L.

+Andrews, Sidney L.

Ango Obam Zo'obo, Ivan

+Bates, Sean L.

Black, Jr. Frederick D. O.

Black, Sr. Frederick D. O.

Bond, Daniel K.

+Bovastro, Jr., John L.

Brinson, Elbert M.

Brown, Jessie L.

Byrd, Jamel L.

Childress, William R.

+Clay, Jr., Benjamin A.

Cook, Karanja A.

Diggs, Patrick A.

Dudley-Govan, Darrell S.

+Epps, Charles P.

Epps, Jr., Robert K

+Frazier, Tyren C.

Fuller III, James A.

Gurley, Jr., Royal A.

+Harper, Jr., Charles H.

Harris, Jr., Douglas

+Hobson, Leon K.

Hopkins, Kenneth A.

Irving, III, Robert L.

Irving, Jr., Robert L.

Jackson, Paul L.

+Jackson, Sr., William E.

Johnson, Eric

Jones, Carlton L.

Jones, Matthew C.

Lee, III, Charles C.

Manning, Damón D.

+McKinnie, Elbert

McQueen, Jr., Alfred  P.

Mcroy, II, Johnny B.

+Miles, Jr., Willie W.

Moody, Devin L.

Moore, III, Norman C.

Neal, Jr., John H.

+Norris, Troy

Parker, Dominic O.

Person, William S.

Price, Mr. Jamarri S.

Scott, Jr., Fred W.

+Scott, Mr. Russell W.

+Steepleton, Jr., Charles W.

+Sutherland, Sr., Immanuel R.

Taylor, Malcolm L.

Turner, George L.

Upthegrove, Sr., Eric L.

Walker, Wyatt T.

+Washington, LaTroy D.

Williams, Eric V.

Winborne, Michael D.

Winbush, Shaun A.

+Life Member
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2 D.E.E.P. (Distinguished, Educated & Esteemed Pharaohs) - Spring '17

1. Darrell Dudley-Govan - GenACEsis
2. Matthew Jones - TesTWOmony

Fall '10
1. **Randall Jefferson
2. Eric Washington
Spring '05
1. Harris Greene
2. Gregory Baylor

4 Cold C.A.S.E.S. (Characterized As Showing Effort and Strength) - Spring '16

1. Devin Moody - D.E. ACE
2. Paul Jackson - Phrozen Conviction
3. Carlton Jones - Cold Phoreman
4. Patrick Diggs - Phorensic Evidence

Fall '09
1. Michael Winborne
2. Shayne O’Reilly
3. JaPrince Carter
4. Derrick Coles

Spring '04
1. Adrian Holloway
2. Anthony Stephen

The COLDhesive 7 - Spring '15
1. James Fuller - Cold PhACE
2. William Person - Phrozen Voice
3. Tyren Frazier - Eye of the Sphinx
4. Dominic Parker - Cold Shoulder
5. Daniel Bond - Brain Phreeze
6. Frederick Black, Jr. - Heart of Old Gold
7. Jessie Brown - Phunny Bone
Spring '08
1. Johnathan Pemberton
2. Sidney Andrews
3. Lamont Trotter
4. Norman Moore
5. Jamel Byrd
Spring '03
1. Chester Kelley
2. **Willie Walker

7 Dichotomous Pharaohs of Redemption - Spring ' 14

1. Robert Epps, Jr. - Dr. Cool
2. Michael Payne - Sweatbox
3. Ernest High - Slim-PHast
4. Karanja Cook - Mr. Hyde
5. Robert Irving - Chocolate Chip
6. Douglas Harris - Mr. Wrigley's
7. Eric Upthegrove, Sr. - 8 Is Enough
Fall '06
1. William Johnson
2. Karl Jackson
3. Oscar Holmes


Spring '12

1. Jamarri Price
2. Larvell Davis

Spring '06
1. Troy Washington


**Omega Chapter
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