The 423 Fund (formerly named The Rho Iota Lambda Education Foundation) upholds the importance of communal support and mentorship during one’s elementary, secondary, and collegiate education and believe they are integral to contributing to the development of future leaders who are confident, dedicated, responsible and well educated. The foundation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. This includes support for and partnering with other local and national organizations working with schools and communities to address key issues associated with student achievement, family empowerment, and social change.
This objective is demonstrated through:

Fundraising in order to provide annual merit scholarships to high school students whose commitment, leadership, and volunteerism have positively impacted their community.

Supporting both in-school and out-of school programs that improve student achievement and provide multiple layers of support to students and their families. This includes support for those programs designed to increase resiliency and positive decision-making in lives of youth.
Supporting programs that increase access to and preparation for post-secondary education for underrepresented populations in technical and higher educational programs.
Providing educational, professional, and social programming for the Chesterfield and surrounding localities to build and maintain strong personal, business, and community relationships that will nurture promising youth who will make significant contributions to society socially, professionally, and economically. 
The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. value scholarship, creativity, and hard work. We offer the opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to participate in our Paul Robeson Scholarship Program in the spring. Our founders of the Rho Iota Lambda chapter began the Paul Robeson Scholarship Oratorical Contest to promote skills in oral presentation, history, fine arts, and writing. This scholarship has assisted students in their pursuit of higher education. The requirements to compete for the scholarship is to have a GPA of 2.8 or greater, submit an application, write and present on a topic regarding Paul Robeson. We invite high school juniors and seniors from the tri-city areas to apply and participate in this program to promote academic achievement and oratorical skills. For an application or further information, email foundation@rhoiotalambda.org.
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